WBA League Rules


1.Uniforms, BP, Helmets, Bats, and Baseballs

1a        All teams must have full baseball uniforms consisting of caps, jerseys, and

            baseball pants.   Each player's uniform must be of similar design to his

            teammates' uniforms.  All jerseys must have numbers. 


1b        If the home team takes batting practice on the field it is common courtesy to give the visiting team                  the same option and at least 25 minutes to hit.


1c        All batters and runners must wear helmets (no exceptions).  One ear-flap is

            allowed as long as it faces the pitcher.


1d        It is optional for coaches to wear helmets while coaching bases


1e        Wood, composite, Baumbats, or similar bats are allowed.  No metal

            bats allowed.


1f         Home team must provide all baseballs.


1g        Each team will pay for one umpire per game.  


2. Game Length, Run Rule, Tie Games, and Rain Outs

2a        All games are scheduled for nine innings including doubleheaders.  However, in case of                                  doubleheaders, if both managers agree before the 1st game, to do one nine inning game and one                      seven, that is now allowed.   In the case of darkness or lights that have to be off at a certain time , a                game will be considered complete after five innings.  Umpires will have final say on whether it is too              dark to play.  Non-league games are at the discretion of the home team.  

2b.       The run rule is Mandatory for league games only.  If a team is down by 10 or more runs after their at-             bat in seventh inning the game is over.



2c        Tie games will be completed the next time those two teams play again no matter where the game is                 played.  The tie game will be played before the regularly scheduled game.    If the two teams in                       question do not play again, the game will go down as a tie.  However, if the game means something               in  the standings the game will be replayed in its entirety using the same 30 rosters as the original                   game.

2d        Rain-outs will be decided by the home team before the game is played, but once the game is started,                the umpires will then make the call.  Rain-outs will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience by                   both teams involved.  They will then notify the league schedule-maker who will then notify the                       umpires. 


3. Teams, Lineup Cards, and Players   

3a        Team rosters are limited to 30 eligible players for each game.


3b        Each team is required to provide two copies of the lineup card to the home plate

            umpire prior to the start of the game.  The lineup card must list last name and

            number.  Substitutes must be granted upon request. 

            Managers must notify the home plate umpire who, in turn, will notify the opposing

            team of all substitutions.  Umpires will manage the lineup card.  It will be the

            official card for protests and batting out of order complaints.


3c        Home team is official book.


3d        Team must have nine players to start a game.


3e        No player who plays with one team can play for another in league play unless they have a written                   release from the team that the player has played games for during the current summer.  Since teams 

            do not use contracts this is based on a honor system. The release must be texted or emailed to

            to the team he wants to play for and the league president. 


4. Players and Manager Ejection’s        

4a        An umpire has sole discretion to expel any player or manager from the game.

            The umpire must report the name of the player expelled to the league office.

            The player expelled is not required to sit out the next game unless they are

            expelled for fighting, verbally assaulting/threatening, or physical contact with an umpire or coach. 


4b        Fighting with another player is an automatic two-game suspension.  The umpire must then submit a               report to the league office for further review by the league officers in case a much longer suspension               is warranted.  Physical contact with an umpire by a player or coach is automatic four-game                             suspension.The umpire must then submit a report to the league office for further review by the league              officers in case a much longer suspension is warranted.


4c        Managers that are expelled are not required to serve a one game suspension. 


4d        If a player or coach is suspended, it is for league games only.  Non-league games

            do not apply.


4e        Rules 4a thru 4d include inter-division games, but the suspension is for league games only.


5.  Protests and Appeals

5a        If a manager wants to lodge a protest, a $100.00 protest bond must be paid to the

            league at the time the protest is filed.  In the event the protest is upheld, the

            $100  deposit will be refunded to the protesting manager.  However, if the

            protest is denied, the manager will forfeit the protest bond.  Protests must be

            received by the league office within 24 hours of the official game time.  The

            protest form must be used. Pete Lopez, head of the San Diego Umpire Association

            will be the protest judge and form a 3-man committee.


5b        There will be no appeals process for players, managers, or general mangers.  The league ruling on                    protests and suspensions is final.



6.     General League Rules

6a        The Division champion is determined by a 1 or 3 game playoff.  The top teams in each division                      (American and National) will play a 1 or 3 game playoff for the WBA Championship. Division                       champs will get a third the winner of the playoff will get the other third.   If no time for playoff they               will split prize money.

6b        Tiebreakers for playoffs are as follow. If the top two teams tie then the number 1 seed is then                           determined by:  head to head and  then runs allowed against each other.  If they still remain tied then               it is a coin flip. The number 1 seed is the home team in game's 1 and 3. 



6c        The forfeit time for each game is 15 minutes after the game were to start.  If it is a

            doubleheader, the second game forfeit time is 30 minutes after the first game was

            forfeited.  This is written this way so both teams and umpires do not have to wait around.

            If both games are forfeited each umpire will be paid $50.00 for the day.  The team

            that forfeits the game or games will be responsible for paying both umpires. If it is a

            non-league team that forfeits the game the WBA team is responsible for trying to collect

            the umpire fees and if they do not they are responsible for paying the umpire. If you call

            and cancel the game at any time the day before the game the umpires will not be paid.      


6d        Umpires will not be paid extra for extra innings unless they have to come back on a different date to               finish the game.  They will then be paid per inning at a pro-rated amount for one game.  In turn,                       umpires will receive a full game's pay for any game that is not completed before

            nine innings.  


6e        The American League rules will be in effect.


6f         The American League DH rule will be in effect.  It reads:


A hitter may be designated to bat for the starting pitcher and all subsequent pitchers in any game without otherwise affecting the status of the pitcher(s) in the game. A Designated Hitter for the pitcher must be selected prior to the game and must be included in the lineup cards presented to the Umpire-in-Chief.

The Designated Hitter named in the starting lineup must come to bat at least one time, unless the opposing club changes pitchers. It is not mandatory that a club designate a hitter for the pitcher, but failure to do so prior to the game precludes the use of a Designated Hitter for that game.

Pinch hitters for a Designated Hitter may be used. Any substitute hitter for a Designated Hitter himself becomes a Designated Hitter. A replaced Designated Hitter shall not re-enter the game in any capacity. The Designated Hitter may be used defensively, continuing to bat in the same position in the batting order, but the pitcher must then bat in the place of the substituted defensive player, unless more than one substitution is made, and the manager then must designate their spots in the batting order.

A runner may be substituted for the Designated Hitter and the runner assumes the role of the Designated Hitter.

A Designated Hitter is "locked" into the batting order. No multiple substitutions may be made that will alter the batting rotation of the Designated Hitter.

Once the game pitcher is switched from the mound to a defensive position this move shall terminate the DH role for the remainder of the game. Once a pinch-hitter bats for any player in the batting order and then enters the game to pitch, this move shall terminate the Designated Hitter role for the remainder of the game.

Once a Designated Hitter assumes a defensive position this move shall terminate the Designated Hitter role for the remainder of the game.


6g        The EH rule can be used in the Western Baseball Association North.

6h        Since Western Baseball Association North is the developmental portion of the league each team                      must accept, if they are not already full, any player that wants to play for them as long as they can                  pay the team fee and are physically fit to perform.  However, no player over 25 can play in the                        Western Baseball Association North.



6i        Each team in the WBA must have liability insurance or have a liability waiver form turned into the                 League office. Also, each team must have the Western Semi-Pro Baseball Association added as an                 additional insured under their liability policy.  The league address is 2721 Greyling Ave., San Diego,               CA, 92123.


6j        Any team that leaves the league and either becomes an independent or joins another league

            will not be allowed back into the league or play in any league tournaments for 3 years.  This

            rule also applies to teams that do not finish the season.  Only unanimous consent by the Board of

            Directors can overturn this rule. If a team shuts down for a season or two this rule does not apply.


6k        Teams in the WBA will not be allowed to schedule games with teams that are in debt to the league.                 This includes former WBA teams and Independent teams.  If a team in the WBA plays one of the                   owners/teams below one league loss will be added to their total.  Please ask the league office for the               list if you have any questions.



6l       All teams must pay their league fees by June 15th or be assessed a 10% penalty.  If your team is not               paid up by July 15th another 10% penalty will be added. If you have not paid your league fees by the             end of year your team will not be able to play in any NBC events until that debt is paid.


6m         There is no speed up rule as instituted by MLB in 2018.  The six visits to the mound is not observed.


6n       All Southern Division (American and National)  teams must play in the Western Regional

6o       All rules in this document are Western Baseball Association rules. Any

            rules not covered herein shall be covered by the American League rules.










Western Baseball Association

Protest Form



Name:  ______________________________________________________________



Team Name:  _________________________________________________________



Opposition:  __________________________________________________________



Umpire's Name: (Plate) ____________________  (Field)  ______________________



Date of Game:  ________________________________________________________



Field Game was Played on:  ______________________________________________



Rule being Protested:  (Give Page, Rule, and Paragraph) 





Summary of Circumstances:









Signature:  _____________________________________________________________

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