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Host Families

Do you love Baseball? Are you interested in having an impact on a young man's life and possibly his professional career? If so, you may be perfect as a Host Parent and a Host Family.  Each year many collegiate baseball players move to our area for the summer to play for the Western Baseball Association.  From June through August these young aspiring ballplayers hone their baseball skills by playing in approximately 50 games and two tournaments, and they also have a chance to play in the NBC World Series in Wichita, Kansas.  Players come from all over the United States to play all over Southern California for the summer.  


Having our players become part of a local family helps these young men secure a sense of normalcy in a strange new city and state.  Many of the players become more than a guest - they actually become part of the family. 

Here's the Pitch!

1.  You provide a home, food and a bed for player(s) during the summer season.            
2.  You have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of a young man.
3.  You may be getting to know a future Major League Baseball player.  

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